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I have been guiding yoga for over 25 years. Teaching ALL LEVELS of yoga students. I am so happy to help support you on your personal path to LIVING YOGA from the heart, for the soul… pure nourishment 

private sessions

We can meet live in person or through zoom, outside at a park or the beach, inside at your home or find a neutral space. We can move, journal, meditate + create YOUR Yoga practice. We can chat about balancing what is out of balance and nourishing what you love. There’s NO ONE WAY. So let’s find your way.


First we set up a phone consult and see which session you are interested in and then we create the experience to nourish your needs.


Body – Asana

Feeling the need to deepen the connection to your physical awareness? To the full presence of being IN your body? To create a consistent daily rhythm that activates you to strengthen, lengthen, and get you back into the flow of moving ALL WAYS.


Mind – Meditation

Want to calm or even quiet all the things in the mind? Get out of your head and into your body? Feel clearer and more focused? Connect with tools to shift patterns that aren’t serving and nourish new pathways for health and vitality?  


Soul – Philosophy

Inspired to connect more with your true nature? To be shown some ancient wisdom references for modern living to help you help yourself as you navigate this great ocean of options in our modern world. To explore personal purpose , heart + soul nourishment. Tap into the wellspring of your own heart and expand your potential from the inside out.


ALL OF THE ABOVE, I got you! 

Let’s Connect!

Private Session

Simply for YOU!!! We will work together to expand personal potential through balancing body, mind + soul practices that are sustainable for YOU in your day to day and connect with the most essential relationship you have… to YOUR BODY MIND + SOUL  

Exchange - $130 hour (includes free phone consult) 

Connection Sessions

Bring a friend and share space moving and breathing and flowing into balance from the inside out and work with each other to deepen your shapes and connection to a key aspect of yoga  

$150 hour (includes free phone consult) 

Collective Sessions

Invite your friends to come together and practice yoga! Maybe you have a group of friends or an athletic group that you want to introduce yoga to!? Or a group of pregnant goddesses who want to flow together or a group of friends who simply don’t want to go to practice in a studio… whatever the reason, we can create the perfect practice for your collective!   

$300 1.5 hours (includes free phone consult) 


let's connect


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Kelley embodies a teaching style that has not forgotten the soul of yoga. She speaks poetry into your bones while encouraging smooth grooves into our bodies ! Besides kelley’s sweetness, perhaps my other favorite thing about her classes are the musical stylings! Talk about soul. Much love for this ray of sunshine !! 

Jaime Jackson, co producer of BLAH of attraction